Binnenstadservice operates a small urban consolidation centre (UCC) in the centre of Rotterdam with the ambition of making the last mile delivery as environmentally friendly as possible. Binnenstadservice is specialised in general deliveries to local shops and retailers. Under the FREVUE project, the City of Rotterdam procured a Nissan eNV200 to lease to the Rotterdam Binnenstadservice for operation at their Rotterdam UCC.

Logistics operation

Binnenstadservice received the Nissan e-NV200 in October 2014 for deliveries in the centre of Rotterdam. The vehicle covers an average distance of 65km in the morning for pick-up and delivery activities between different buildings of an international company. In the afternoon, the vehicle is used for ad-hoc pick-ups and deliveries in Rotterdam. The vehicle covers an average of 45km to 50km in the afternoon.