The FREVUE partner Arup, an independent firm of consultants and technical specialists, has experience of successfully managing a state-of-the-art Consolidation Centre (CC) on behalf of The Crown Estate. The centre has already consolidated 650 deliveries per month down to 90, a consolidation of over 80%, with last mile deliveries from the consolidation centre carried out by a 12 tonne electric vehicle. Arup is building on this experience to establish a new consolidation centre for an end-user with significant logistics delivery demands and a preferred supplier scheme.  Arup aims at determining best practice in this area to enable other organisations to implement policies that encourage the use of CCs with last-mile electric vehicle deliveries.

The University College London is one of the organisations that, following a feasibility study, decided to procure a Construction Consolidation Centre. The main aim was to achieve a reduction in non-essential construction vehicles from entering the central London campus for safety reasons. The CCC was implemented in autumn 2014 and is now operational. For the moment the CCC operation will not mandate the use of EFVs, however UCL is keen to include the use of EFVs in future.

Since autumn 2014, the CCC enabled a reduction from around 2,300 vehicle trips per month to around 1,200 per month. More details will be made available soon.