The FREVUE partner Arup, an independent firm of consultants and technical specialists, supported The Crown Estate in launching a multiple user consolidation centre (CC) for all tenants in Regent Street using an existing warehouse operated by Clipper Logistics.

Logistics operation

Originally, the CC was located in Enfield at an existing depot from Clipper Logistics. . Before the start of FREVUE, a 12 tonnes Smith Newton electric truck was used to undertake deliveries from the Enfield Clipper depot to the CC in Regent Street. As part of the project a second Smith Newton 10 tonnes Electric Freight Vehicle (EFV) was procured and delivered in 2014. The second vehicle increased the delivery capacity and accommodated for an increase in the number of suppliers using the Regent Street CC.

In April 2014, Clipper Logistics were given notice by the CC landlords in Enfield and the CC had to be moved to Harlow, which at approximately 50km from Regent Street is again further out from central London. This increased distance to central London has made the range of the Smith Newton problematic.  However, the vehicle is now being deployed locally for deliveries in the CC area.