Within the FREVUE project in Madrid, a Consolidation Centre (CC) has been established. This is located at the periphery of Madrid city-centre. Calidad Pascual, one of the three users of the CC, daily distributes food products and beverages to 3, 500 customers. Calidad Pascual began its commitment to sustainable mobility in Madrid in 2010 by signing the Forum for Climate, renewing 13% of its fleet of delivery trucks with other alternative energy vehicles such as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and natural gas.

Within FREVUE, Calidad Pascual has procured seven EFVs: One Mercedes Benz Vito, one IVECO Ecodaily, one Nissan eNV200 and four Nissan Leaf (adapted to load bigger freight).

Logistics operation

The Consolidation Centre is located at the former Legazpi fruit and vegetable market. This is a very convenient location as it is close to the old city centre and to the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) boundary, as well as having excellent access to the city. The building is owned by the Madrid municipality and is a landmark of the city. After a public tender the charging infrastructure for the CC was installed by IBIL in February 2014, starting the operations of the centre.

Calidad Pascual delivers perishable goods which may need refrigeration. The daily operations comprise 12t ICE trucks which bring food products in cold ambient temperature early in the morning to the CC. The two EFVs are then loaded with the products and distribute them to businesses located in the LEZ. There are two delivery rounds per day.

Integration of ICT solutions

The FREVUE partner ITENE is coordinating the data gathering in the Madrid demonstrator. Data loggers have been installed in the EFVs, enabling the collection of information on the use of the vehicles, their routes, battery use, charging processes, etc.