The focus of Milan within the FREVUE project is to improve the urban distribution of goods within the pharmaceutical chain by implementing a logistics system which coordinates supply and utilises electric freight vehicles for delivery. Specifically, the system is dedicated to the distribution of medicines to pharmacies located within the Congestion Zone (known as Area C) inner ring in the “Area Bastioni” in the Municipality of Milan. In order to achieve this, Milan uses an existing Distribution Centre (DC) on the outskirts of the city and procured one electric van Nissan eNV200 3.5t for operation from the DC.

Logistics operation

Currently Eurodifarm/DHL, the mail logistics operator, handles all pharmaceutical deliveries to the 59 pharmacies within the Area C with two ICE vehicles. The distribution is temperature controlled and uses an existing Distribution Centre located in Casalmaiocco, 22.5 km from Milan City Centre. The Distribution Centre receives goods from several pharmaceutical industries from all over Italy and optimizes vehicle load capacity. A charging station has been installed in the CC and is reserved to the FREVUE Electric Freight Vehicle (EFV).

The new Nissan electric vehicle is able to fulfill 20 percent of the Eurodifarm/DHL logistical needs and is meant to constitute the starting point for a progressive renewal of the fleet with environmentally friendly vehicles.

Integration of ICT solutions

The ICT system of Eurodifarm/DHL can track deliveries from the logistics platform to the pharmacies located inside the Area C. Data from the charging station will be collected in the near future.