UPS is a global leader in logistics, offering a broad range of solutions including the transportation of packages and freight. UPS operate almost 100,000 vehicles worldwide of which approximately 7,000 are alternative technology and alternative fuel vehicles.

UPS operate a total of 46 package cars from their Rotterdam depot. In FREVUE, UPS deploys four electric converted vehicles for operation from their Rotterdam depot.  Data is collected from the operation of these vehicles for analysis by the FREVUE research partners.

Logistics operation

UPS Netherlands decided to use mid-life diesel Mercedes trucks and to convert them into electric vehicles. The four Mercedes P80E are 7.5t vehicles and are used for urban distribution in the city centre of Rotterdam. The retrofitted solution had the advantage of decreasing the amount of energy needed for the construction of the vehicles and avoiding waste. The four vehicles were integrated in the UPS fleet in April 2014. Charging points have been installed in the depot to make the overnight charging of the freight trucks possible at the same time as the loading activities. The electric freight vehicles have been allocated to specific routes which are relatively short to avoid range issues (75 km max per day). The solution proved to be efficient as all vehicles cover an average distance of nearly 43 km a day, delivering more than 180 packages a day.