TNT Express is one of the leading companies for parcel delivery with a global activity involving more than 30,000 vehicles. The company already has experience with innovative logistics models, including the use of electric freight vehicles in European and Asian cities. The aim of TNT Express in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, within the FREVUE project framework, is to extend the electric vehicles use in parcel services. The delivery operator deploys seven 3.5t electric freight vehicles in both Dutch cities. TNT Express use the vehicles from their own depots located in the outskirts of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Logistics operation

TNT Express procured seven retrofitted Fiat Ducato Maxi in March 2015 and introduced them in the fleets of both cities within few weeks. The electric freight vehicles operate from the TNT depots in Amsterdam (4 vehicles) and Rotterdam (3 vehicles). In Amsterdam, the new vehicles complement the two Smith electric already in operation.

The efficiency of the use of the electric freight vehicles has not been evaluated yet but positive actions have been taken by the city of Amsterdam to encourage the use of electric vehicles. They are allowed to access a closed area outside loading and unloading periods, they can make use of unoccupied disabled parking space for a short amount of time and they got an exemption from the ban on parking and stopping.

Integration of ICT solutions

The Dutch partners have introduced a standard telematics solution (provided by Sycada) in the new electric freight vehicles of TNT Express in order to monitor the energy efficiency of the vehicles and to collect data for the FREVUE project. The information monitored includes the track and trace, the temperature, cargo security as well as the driving style.