EMEL is Lisbon’s municipal parking company which manages 40.000 on-street and 3.000 off-street parking spaces. In managing the parking system, EMEL plays a role in the sustainable mobility strategy of the city. As part of the FREVUE project, EMEL deploys eleven electric vehicles for use in their maintenance and cash collection activities throughout the downtown area of Lisbon.

Logistics operation

EMEL deployed five electric Renault Kangoo Maxi October 2013 and six additional vehicles in October 2015. The vehicles are charged overnight at the EMEL Operational Centre and can also be charged at the MOBI.E public charging points when needed. The vehicles used for infrastructure maintenance  do not follow a specific route. The other vehicles are used for cash collection in Lisbon. Money is collected from the 985 on-street parking meters every day and therefor e the vehicles follow a pre-defined 50km route every day.

Integration of ICT solutions

EMEL aims to use technologies to monitor and control the utilisation of dedicated parking places for freight activities in some areas of Lisbon downtown, with positive discrimination for EV fleets (Lisbon Municipal Parking Regulation gives unlimited free parking for electric vehicles with a Green Parking Permit). In May 2015, EMEL has demonstrated this system for five parking slots.

Data loggers have been installed in the electric freight vehicles, enabling the collection of information on the use of the vehicles, their routes, battery use, charging processes, etc.