As part of the FREVUE project a new Urban Consolidation Centre (UCC) will be implemented in Stockholm, in addition to the CCC already in operation. The UCC is located in a garage by Klara Norra Kyrkogata, in central Stockholm and it will serve specific post codes within a perimeter of approximately two to three kilometres.  The UCC is open to all end-user types and expected goods flows at the start of operations are about 10,000 kg per day. Retail and food and drink products will be the main goods that will be delivered from the UCC. In addition, reverse logistics operations (waste) will also be part of the scheme.

At present there are at least four different diesel trucks going to each address – varying in numbers for each day as well as in size and type depending on the customer and delivery. In addition, there are three waste trucks collecting paper, corrugated paper, and combustible waste. The first step is to replace the three waste trucks with a small purpose-built electric truck made to transport both deliveries and waste. The second step is for the operator to start consolidating goods to deliver them to end customers, taking back waste if and when appropriate. On the way back the waste is left at the UCC or at one of the operator’s hubs and then being taken out of the city with a larger truck at a less congested time. Off-peak deliveries to the UCC are planned to be introduced once the scheme is well established and waterway deliveries will also be considered.

The UCC implementation is now in its final preparation phase.