The main demonstration area for the Stockholm project is the Royal Seaport development in the city district Norra Djurgårdsstaden, which is one of Europe’s most extensive city development areas. In total, around 10,000 new housing units and 30,000 new workplaces will be built together with a modern port and other strategic infrastructure.

Within FREVUE, a Construction Consolidation Centre (CCC) has been set up to serve the Royal Seaport development and to make last mile deliveries throughout the site.

Logistics operation

The Royal Seaport is developed on land mainly owned by the City of Stockholm. The CCC has been in operation since May 2013 and is located in the vicinity of the development area, providing both indoor and outdoor storage. The building work was procured by the City and a separate operator (Servistik AB in cooperation with Wiklunds Akeri AB) has been contracted for the operation of the CCC. Charging units (regular normal charging) for electric vehicles (EVs) at the CCC have been installed and are in operation. In addition, a fast charging unit was inaugurated in February 2014 (CHAdeMo and Combo Charging Standards (CCS) with a capacity of 50 kW maximum). The fast charger was supplied by DBT-CEV and it was originally placed at the CCC. At a later stage it was reallocated to a more central location to better integrate overall freight flows and attract more EVs for charging.

Three vehicles are used in the operation of the Stockholm Construction Consolidation Centre (CCC): one Mercedes Vito EFV (operating from May 2013 to May 2014) and two electric hybrid DAF trucks. None of these vehicles have received FREVUE funding but were procured by Wikilunds who operate the vehicles at the CCC.

Logistics operation

The CCC operator (Servistik) has developed an ICT platform for logistic planning and storage upkeep. All deliveries have to be booked in advance and vehicle entries and exits are monitored through automatic gates. Any delivery below 5 m3 will have to go through the consolidation centre. Vehicles with larger deliveries can choose to enter the construction site but must then pay a fee of 85 SEK (approximately EUR 9).

The fast charger is connected to Fortum’s IT platform Charge & Drive, which enables remote control of the charger, reporting on the usage patterns as well as monitoring of the charger.

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